Floral Care


  • Place your arrangement in a cool location away from drafts, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight
  • If your flowers came in a plastic bag, remove this as soon as possible.
  • Add water daily!
  • Cut stems at an angle about one to two inches from the bottom to keep flowers fresh for longer.
  • Place loose stems or wrapped bouquets of fresh flowers in water as soon as possible.
Helpful Tips
  • No flower food? No worries! Try a splash of flat 7-Up or Sprite in the water for longer lasting flowers

Cymbidium Orchid Plant Care Instructions

  • Orchids need a healthy amount of water but be careful not to over water. Allow it to dry out in between waterings
  • Orchids love humidity but being in Calgary can be hard to do. Find a nice sunny spot in your home without placing it in direct sunlight. Your Orchids will love It and continue to bloom!
Helpful Tips
  • One way to check for watering is by poking your finger about an inch into the roots. If it’s dry, give it some water; otherwise, let it be
  • Try placing a couple ice cubes in your pot and let them melt- The orchid will get enough water without being over watered.

Succulent Care Instructions

  • Allow dirt to dry in between waterings – too much water will cause them to wilt and die
  • They enjoy time in the sun- stay away from direct sunlight but choose a sunny location in your home
Helpful Tips
  • Try watering every 2-3 weeks for a successful succulent!

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